So hi!   I am supposed to introduce myself :)
My name is Malia and my fiance Richie and I have been dating 5 years and just got engaged a little over a month ago.  We are probably getting married next September or October (2014) in Sedona.  I don't even know where to start!  Problem is we live in Hawaii right now, and would just do it here but neither of our families could afford to travel here for the wedding.  And we are moving to the midwest this summer, so I don't want to be pulling my hair out planning a move and wedding to boot!
So I am looking into venues and am not sure yet whether we want all inclusive or not.  I know we want the ceremony outdoors but that's it so far.  I am hoping to check out venues this summer when we move and plan to get serious then about the final details.  I am worried that setting a date now may be premature if I can't look into any suggestions would be great!  I am mid thirties and he is 40 so we aren't really looking for a princess type wedding...basically he's a whatever I pick kinda guy.  Supportive but I could want anything from pinatas to polka and as long as it is tasteful he on board.  So I am sure I will have lots of questions about basically everything!
So, hi!
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