Sedona wedding venue ideas

Hi, I am looking for advice on a venue for a LATE summer or early fall wedding 2014 so should still have time to find the right place.  I am OOT and finding most venues readily available online are all inclusive.  I am not sure that is the route I want to go...I am a little type A and LOVE planning things and am not looking for a cookie cutter type ceremony.  I am definitely planning on it being outdoors.  That being said, all inclusive is definitely not out yet - I will be doing some price shopping as well - we don't have a set dollar amount but hoping to be somewhat budget.  I am just trying to find places I can research from home.
Any suggestions welcome, and thanks!

Re: Sedona wedding venue ideas

  • You can find Sedona wedding venues on the Sedona Wedding Studio website ... or call a Sedona planner. ... many of the venues in Sedona are small and can only have less than 100 guests. Good luck! I hope you find the perfect spot. Sedona is so pretty! We were married at Garland's Lodge. 
  • Try butterfly garden inn...beautiful grounds, cabins on site for guests to stay in if needed. I am having my wedding their next year, and Nichole (the owner) has been wonderful to work with. I am very picky and feel as though I need to be involved in everything. With that said, the staff is willing to do as little or as much as needed. (They can get chair rentals, set up tables and decor, etc if you want, or you can do it all yourself. Pm me if you would like more info
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