Scheduling the wedding week.... which day of the week did you/will you get married??

WIth guests traveling to the hawaiian islands, what itinerary did you decide on as far as how to pick which day to have your wedding?  I'm thinking of have my wedding on a Friday so that my guests have a day or so more to hang afterward if flying back on a sunday.  

What did you/will you plan for your wedding week?  

Just getting ideas.

Re: Scheduling the wedding week.... which day of the week did you/will you get married??

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    I asked some of my guests which day they'd prefer and they all said Friday so they can enjoy the whole weekend there. I am getting married in two weeks on a Friday. All my guests arrive in Maui on a Tuesday and leave on Sunday.
    If you give people enough time it should work out ok
    We are doing a couple activities for everyone: Luau, brunch, wedding
    Other than that im just telling them to enjoy Maui. Its all of their vacation so I didn't want them to feel like they had to stick to my "schedule". They're all very excited!!
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  • Thanks, that sounds like a great itinerary!

  • My Wedding is on a Thursday.  Most guests are flying Wednesday and leaving on Sunday.  The only thing on my itinerary is The Wedding Day & Friday night Luau.

    They really don't even have to go to the Luau cause they are paying for their own tickets but I think all will.

    I passed out my STDs one year in advance and it was plenty of time for their bookings!
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  • We are having our wedding on a Wednesday, with our welcome BBQ on Monday. This gives guests two free weekends, since most people are flying Friday through Sunday the next weekend.
  • We're having a welcome sunset catamaran Saturday, wedding Sunday and goodbye breakfast Monday. I think most wedding guests will use this as a vacation opportunity, so honestly, any day would probably work. My friend got married last year in Oahu and had her wedding on a Monday.

  • We got married on a Thursday and had an optional whale watching event on Tuesday and then a Welcome Happy Hour on Wednesday night. Most of our guests arrived the Sunday before the wedding and then stayed until the Saturday or Sunday afterwards.
  • We're getting married next Friday and most of our friends and family are flying in on Wednesday and are leaving Sunday.  We chose not to get married on Saturday so that no one would have to fly home hung over and that there was some time to relax after the wedding.
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