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I was wondering if anyone has had an airbrush tan done in Maui? Specifically Lahaina area (or surrounding areas) A couple of my bridesmaids want to do it before the wedding, so just looking for a good suggestion and cost estimate..

Thanks ladies!

Re: Airbrush Tan

  • There really isn't a market for spray tans in hawaii. But you could try Google good luck.
  • My wedding party & I used Cody Sturgeon from the Four Seasons for airbrush tanning and she did a great job. She will actually come to you and she charged us $50 each plus a $50 travel fee. If you are interested I can try to dig up her info...just send me a PM.
  • To the poster about Cody Sturgeon at the Four Seasons, would you mind sharing her contact info with me too? I called the Orchid Spa and she said they don't do in person hotel visits and you need to go to the spa to get it done. We are looking for spray tans soon. Seems like there IS a market for it in Hawaii after all :)
  • I used Gwen - and thought she did a really nice job.  Here's her website and contact info - http://www.spraytanmaui.com/
  • Yes I agree, looks like there is a market for it afterall.  I found this listing for "The Secret Tan" on yelp, so I may look into that, and I have also contacted my coordinator for suggestions, so I will definitely post if I find any more info. Thanks for all the info thus far ladies =D
  • And I just realized that The Secret Tan is Gwen, as lindsayscottc recommended.  Even better!!
  • H'm interesting I've never seen one let alone known anyone who's gotten one. I'm glad you found one.
  • Deb & Leah,

    I sent you both Cody's info via private message in case you want to contact her.

  • Hi! How much does Gwen charge?
  • She quoted us $65 but it may depend where you are located because she is a mobile service.  You can email or call her, she is super nice!
  • Abby from Pacific Spray Tan did ours - she was great and is mobile.  She had a couple of diff types, and we chose the golden tan that we only had to leave on for 3 hours, then wash off.  We looked fab in our photos, not orange at all!  People were commenting on how tan we were and they had no idea it was a spray tan.

    Abby recommends having the tan sprayed on 48 hours prior to the wedding. Here is her contact info.  Good luck and have lots of fun!!!!!

    Abby McMurphy

    Pacific Sun Spray Tanning

    [email protected]


  • Oh, and Abby's tans were $45 for the accelerated spray tan (3 hr golden tan).
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