Rental car in Maui?

Hi ladies,
For the first 5 days of our trip we will have a car to explore the west side of Maui. We'll go to Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua, etc.
For the next 7 days (honeymoon) I still don't know what to do about a car. For our honeymoon we'll be staying in Wailea. Our resort has a shuttle that will take us to nearby places. And I think we'll stay mostly at the resort for the beach. I plan on just relaxing. But I also don't want to miss out on Maui.
What do you all suggest? Has anyone not gotten a rental car and regretted it?
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Re: Rental car in Maui?

  • I think a rental car is a must on Maui. I have never tried to use their public transit but I have heard that it is fairly limited. When I was there last we stayed in Wailea but having a car was so nice. We were able to travel in to Kihei for groceries, or meals, and go any where we wanted. I like being able to go some place when I want/need to. If you think you will have no problem waiting for the shuttle to take you places when/where you want then you could probably get away without a car. After all there is no point on paying to park it if you are not going to use it very often. Also the Marriott at Wailea has a hertz on site if you wanted to get one for a day or so. 
  • Ya our resort charges $20 a night so for 7 nights that really starts to add up. I think wed like one for a couple days though!
    Love is being stupid together.-Paul Valery
  • I would suggest if not for all 7 days then a few days, the road to Hana is a splendid drive and check out the stops along the way.  My husband and I also went up to see the sunrise on top of Haleakala and had breakfast at the lodge on the way down.  Hmmmm mac nut pancakes.....  Spring for a convertible if you can. It was such a beautiful drive.
  • If you get a car. I always use  http://discounthawaiicarrental.com/ best prices. Stay away from Dollar.  Their cars are much older.
    Maui has some amazing places to see.  I spent a week driving around and was just amazed at the variaty of scenery. 
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