Bridal Shows in Dover Area

I've been looking constantly for bridal shows in the Dover area and they seem to be nonexistant. Does anyone live in Dover that may have heard of any planned?

Re: Bridal Shows in Dover Area

  • I found some here:

    There are 2 in Dover-one in October, one in November, and one in Bridgeville as well.
  • I get emails about local bridal shows all the time, but haven't seen any recently. There were a few in Dover earlier this year. When are you getting married? A lot of shows are in the winter, early spring, or fall. If I hear of any I will post on this board to let everyone know.
  • Thanks, I came across that link a few days ago. The one in October is actually 40 min south of Dover. We were thinking about the November one but it'll be $40 to attend.

    I missed the ones earlier this year and the ones next winter will be too later since we're getting married in April :(
  • I think there are more in the Wilmington area.  I'm not that familiar with what's down in Dover.
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