What is a reasonable cost for a good DJ???

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 I am looking for a fun DJ for my upcoming wedding at the Christiana Hilton on March 1, 2014 from 6-10. I am looking for someone that can bring energy and make my reception like the most popular club dance floor around. This is a high energy gay wedding but formal and black tie. 

I have seen quotes from $600 to $1000-4000. I know you get what you pay for but our wedding is already costing a fortune! Black tie isn't cheap! Does anyone have anyone that they could suggest? I am looking at local very experienced DJ here in DE but he is a high priced $1650-$2950 DJ! HELP!

Re: What is a reasonable cost for a good DJ???

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    It really depends on what you're getting with your package (uplighting, video feed/monitors, etc) but for just DJ services I think we're paying $600.  I've never seen any DJ package up to $4,000, I feel like that's excessive.  I'd say up to $1,000 depending on what extras you're getting.
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