Northeastern Idaho Country/Mountain Venues? help!

Hi All, I live in the Island Park ID area, we absolutely LOVE IT here, the moutains and wildlife are great and I deffinately want to incorperate that into our wedding especially since my fiance is an avid outdoors man. We were origianally thinking of doing a backyard wedding. We'd like it to be country chic, haybales and burlap meets lace and chandaliers. But being so rural and having to bring every little thing in is becoming a very daughnting thought. I have been trying to find a venue around here that can give me that same feel, we are definately not the indoor hotel ballroom type we are looking for a place that will let us do the ceremony and reception outside and has spectacular views a barn is a bonus, but I am struggling to find anything over on the east side of the state. Somebody please HELP ME!! Also any imput on wedding planners would be amazing see as we are also looking for one of those! Thank you. :) 
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