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Looking to stock your bar?

Hey brides! I stopped into Haskell's today to get some advice about what kind of wines to serve at our wedding on June 28. We were planning on ordering all of our alcohol through Costco, but I wanted to get the opinion of someone with more expertise so I stopped in while running errands today.

I was informed when I got into Haskell's that they are having a huge sale through April 27th, lots of BOGOs and rebates, plus they had a lot more options than Costco. I'm pretty sure we are going to order our wine through Haskell's now because we can get a much higher quality wine in our budget with their BOGOs. Our budget is $8/bottle, but we are getting some that are originally anywhere from 14-20 per bottle and the BOGO or rebates bring it down into our price range. I spent about 20 minutes in the store today sampling different varieties and getting wedding wine advice from the manager. I was so excited about the prices I had to share!! Look into their sale if you are at this point in your planning.

(We are still going with Costco for our beer, though--their prices cannot be beat there!)

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