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Lame sauce

I haven't seen FI in a month and I wasn't supposed to see him for another couple of weeks when he is coming up to help me move to his place.  He finished up his mission early and came home and was packed up to come see me tomorrow for the weekend before flying to Toronto for a week.  Weeelllll, apparently the scientists decided that the third round of this survey couldn't wait one more day for a local pilot to be approved to do it and now FI is home packing to fly up to Minneapolis today.

There go my weekend plans.  I guess we won't see each other for 6 weeks after all.  Oh well...more down time to get ready for the bridal shower, wedding, and to start boxing my stuff up.  Yay needs of the service!!

Re: Lame sauce

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    How awful to get teased like that =(

    The next 6 weeks will go by fast though. You'll see him before you know it!
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    :( That sucks, I'm sorry. FI and I were long distance when I was in grad school, so I kind of know how you feel about having plans to see each other and then they fall through. 
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    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. The time will fly by though with all the things coming up between now and the wedding.
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    Yea after years of this crap we're kind of over it.  He always says it's nice to have me around when stuff like this happens.  I guess his ex never took the last minute changed plans well and couldn't understand the requirements of his job. 

    Jessalyn-we only have to go two more weeks before we can see each other.  If it was another 6 weeks I'd be on that plane to Minneapolis with him haha.
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