Morning! How was your weekend?

Morning everyone! 

I had a good weekend, although I spent a lot of it at work.  A couple college friends were in town so I got a couple meals with them.  I'm so ready for next weekend! FI is in town and we have beach/roofdeck party plans for the weekend and 4th of July!

Tonight is a friend's 30th birthday and she just closed on a condo, so we are having champagne and in the empty condo... should be fun! Hope everyone has a good day!

Re: Morning! How was your weekend?

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    Good morning!  We had a great weekend.  We ran the 5k.  I did the whole thing without stopping so I was proud of myself.  It was a nice turnout. 
    We had our first meeting with our pastor yesterday.  I am so excited.  It was awesome.  This week will be busy...lots going on to include dance lesson #2, DF's birthday and day 1 of quarter end close.  We will be in VA for the long weekend at my FIL's house.  Looking forward to it.

    The only down side of last weekend was the food.  I took a hiatus from "Operation Rock This Dress" and the scale was not happy with me this morning.  Ugh!  Oh well, back on track today with a run tonight and boot camp tomorrow.

    MD- Sounds like your week will be lots o'fun!!

    Have a great Monday y'all!

    Pittsburgh September Siggy - Our honeymoon will be at the Royal Suites Turquesas in P*nta Cana. Super excited!

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    I had a fun, yet exhausting weekend!  Our friend had his "golden birthday" this weekend (he turned 26 on the 26th), and his wife wanted to plan something special for him.  So a group of us went down to Busch Gardens (in VA) for the day and then went camping for the night afterwards!  We had great weather, the park was a blast and camping was fun (despite the bug bites and animals making crazy noises at night!).  

    mdphd - have fun at the condo party tonight!  and your 4th of July plans sound awesome!!
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    My weekened was nice. I ordered my dress! Yay for that check! I'm pretty excited about that.

    Also my sister got engaged!! Very exciting!

    Hope everyone has a good week--and that it goes fast!

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    Niki - what's the dress look like?  And congrats to your sis.

    ginny - I had no idea that's what a golden birthday was...too bad mine was 17 years ago =/  I miss summer camping, I need to find a place to do it up here.

    janice - sounds like a good weekend!  And it's ok to cheat once in awhile, as long as you get back into healthy eating.  You're doing awesome with the weight loss.

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    Hi Girls!

    Sorry I haven't been around lately. There is a lot going on in my life right now. This past weekend I went to my friend's bridal shower in my hometown. I also saw my stepsister. I was glad to see her and we had a good conversation. However, a lot happened last week. To make a long story short I was told by my stepmother that the only way to reconcile with my father is to elope and then my FI and I would have to apologize to my dad for living together.

    My stepsister and I talked about the option of going to the courthouse but still having a wedding and reception as planned. Just making in legal to appease my dad, who will fully disown me if I don't. If he does, my stepmom will fully disown me as well to keep peace with my father.

    Sorry to dump this today. I've just had a very hard week. My birthday week no less. My FI and I have a lot to think about but it's basically a lose-lose for us. I miss my dad. But I think the hurt is too deep. I will talk to our minister at church soon just to see what he thinks and to have someone to talk to right now.

    On a good note, we did get to have our engagement pictures this weekend. We went to the west end overlook and throughout station square. I think our photographer took some great shots and was great to work with.
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    Sari - sorry you are dealing with this family situation.  I really hope you and your family can come to a better resolution, and that your minister is helpful.

    AW your e-pics when they are up!
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    mdphd-its pretty traditional I'll post a link below. It's an older dress so I bought it before it was discontinued ( My mother was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now in the hospital. we went shopping together and found this dress and both loved it. I didnt want to lose it)

    Sari--sorry to hear about your fam. situation. I hope it gets better. Who was your photographer? I'll have to watch for your pics.

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    Good afternoon!

    Had a really great weekend. It was my bachelorette party weekend (and DFs bachelor party!) so there was lots going on! DF’s was in WV (golfing and casino) and mine was just here in pittsburgh. It was so fun to have a ladies night out! Everyone had a great time!

    We also finished our programs last night.. but I stink and didn’t take a pic.. I’ll take one tonight to AW tomorrow!

    md – I agree – looking forward to next week already. Have fun at the empty condo/bday/closing party!

    Janice – goodluck with close!

    Ginny – busch gardens and camping sounds so fun! We got a tent for our shower – so hoping once the wedding craziness slows down that we can take an overnight camping trip!

    Nikki – congrats to ur sis!

    Sarilynn – lots of T&P sent your way..

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    What a fantastic weekend at Deep Creek! Got to see family and finally talk wedding plans with them. A lot of thought put into which DJ we want to go with.. such a hard process. Still haven't figured that out yet! 

    Sarilynn- Thoughts and prayers are with you! 
    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
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