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Whitestrips are the devil!

I used my crest whitestrips for the first time last night and holy hell - my teeth hurt soooo bad today!  Its almost unbearable.  I guess I will not be having white teeth at my wedding!  And now I'm kind of mad that I can't use them because they're expensive!  Anyone else have problems with their teeth and whitening?

Re: Whitestrips are the devil!

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    Have you tried shorter periods of time than the recommended? I have to do 20 min instead of 40, etc.  Also, get some sensodyne toothpaste.  That'll help too.  Sorry... that stinks.  It's a miserable feeling with your teeth hurting!!!
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    My teeth hurt after like a week of using them so I didn't use them for a day and was fine after that. I tried whitening from the dentist a few years ago and I couldn't even get through the first treatment. It's not uncommon.

    ETA: The whitening mouth wash is much more gentle.
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    So I just called my dentist and he said "you should've starting brushing with Sensodyne two weeks before starting the whitestrips".  Well, that would've been helfpul to know two weeks ago!  

    Thanks for your suggestions, I think I'll try the whitening mouth wash!
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    Yes!! The pain is soo bad! I used them like five times and quit. It's just not worth the pain.

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    Those things kill my teeth.

    I've found that the whitening trays don't seem as harsh. If you have really sensitive teeth go with a whitening toothpaste AND whitening mouth rinse. That should help a little bit. Also, cut down on red wine, soda, coffee, cigarettes etc. If you lay off these for a little bit you will notice a bigger difference with the toothpaste and mouth rinse.
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    Hmmm I've been using them for the past 10 or so days and haven't had any issues? Weird
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    I used Dr. Collin's teeth whitening system and found it much better on my sensitive teeth. I can't stand the Crest Whitestrips. But your teeth should recover in a few days if you stop using them.
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    So there is a Crest Whitestrips Gentle Routine, which are also cheaper than the other choices.  You use them for 5 minutes/day(I usually do 10 min) and I think they last 10 days-2 weeks.  I noticed the pain from the Vivid strips and switched back to the Gentle Routine and have used them every other day or so just to be on the safe side.  I think the others wear down your enamel too quickly, which would explain the pain/sensitivity.  
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    Whitestrips can be really unsafe, especially if you put them too close to your gums! I wanted to try to whiten my teeth a bit before the wedding, but when I couldn't find the strips anywhere in my city here in the UK, I did a bit of research online and it turns out they are banned from being sold in the UK and I think most of Europe too because they are just not safe. Be careful when using them!
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