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Starting to get overwhelmed with anxiety and texts!

Im starting to get overwhelmed, my moh is amazing she is my sister in law to be, but omg shes stressing me out, she is trying to be so helpful and planning my bachelorette party (and my showe which was last month), but i keep getting these texts like "im so concerned no one has rsvpd for your bachelorette yet" and "they need to mark themselves as going on evite.com"
I guess its just that there are 3 weeks left and soo much to do.

My mom hasnt done any planning and is coming in from HI and today she is harassing me via text about my ex step dad helping me with transportation. (REALLY DONT NEED THIS FROM HERE)

My aunts trying to reconcile me and my estranged sister who i uninvited and kicked out of the bridal party after she stole my fathers ashes and caused ww2 after my dad died 8 months ago.

Not to mention people havent fully rsvpd yet and most of it is my family, and they are all so relaxed about it, but hey its a formal sit down dinner and its costing me close to 100 per person, so it would be nice if they gave me a for sure answer!

sorry, just needed to vent..

what has been your anxiety and overwhelming moments?
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