Affordable venues in Baltimore

Hello ladies getting married in 2015 need some good reasonable venues to have both ceremony and reception my budget 5k or less starting early trying find something 50-60 ppl . Thanks in advance :)

Re: Affordable venues in Baltimore

  • In addition to above, most venues are more affordable on Friday night or Sunday afternoon.  Also, a lot of places have a 100 person minimum for a Saturday evening.

    One of my cousins got a good prioce on her venue becuase it was an "off weekend" for them, only to realize later that it was Mother's day weekend. She had a TERRIBLE time trying to find a florist that would agree to do her flowers. 

    March - Mid-April and November tend to be off peak times for weddings where you can find deals. 

    Tuxes and Limo prices sky rocket at the end of April  - May because it is prom season.

    All inclusive places give you the best bang for your buck, but your choices on things like linens, table where and decorations will be limited.

    If you have any family member that is a member of an association that owns a hall, you can get a significant discount.  The Towson American Legion was redone in the early 2000's after a fire and they did a nice job with it. (  The Hampstead American Legion has a rustic barn feel.  (

    You could also consider a restaurant.

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  • Swan harbor farm in havre de grace, md is fabulous
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