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DO NOT USE THIS PHOTOGRAPHER! She is very unprofessional and never once returned my phone call. We started off excited to have her as our photographer because she seemed very talented, we could afford her price, and luckly still had our date avaliable. It also turned out that she had a contest on facebook to give one couple their photography for free. We thought it was meant to be. However, one moring several days into the contest I had recieved an email accused us of cheating in her contest. She then disqualified us without ever talking to us to see what happened. I tried repeatedly to contact her over the phone to resolve the confussion but she refuse and only responded via email. Her emails were horriably unprofessional and even attacked me in my own profession as a teacher. I requested that she return our deposit because she could no longer perform the job of taking our photography in the manner that we had hoped when signing the contract and that it would just be in the best interest of both parties. She refused and finally stopped responding all together. It was a roller coster of emotion and no person deserseves to be treated this way. 

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    It's very unfortunate that I have stumbled across this review that is full of incorrect information.  I had been giving away FREE wedding photography for a couple of years.  Something that I didn't have to do but felt I wanted to do to give back to some amazing couples that deserve it.  Upon my third year of running this contest, I immediately ran into issues. Ryan and Tracy had already signed a contract with me prior to this and put their $200 non-refundable deposit down to hold their date and then entered the contest. Suddenly their numbers shot through the roof. After having our lawyers and programs sift through the situation, it was discovered that Ryan and Tracy were found on multiple website asking for votes.  These were websites designed to buy votes.  When screen shots were taken and information was given to them, they suddenly had no idea what that was and denied the entire thing.  Unfortunately because of the behavior of how votes were coming in for them, they were immediately disqualified.  Email and after email between Tracy and suddenly her sister (who tried to act as Tracy), threatened to take me to court of this. I have all the proper  paperwork and everything was done legally. I told them that I would still follow through contractually with my end and take their wedding pictures but they decided on their own that they thought I wouldn't give them 100%.  Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am the utmost professional when it comes to my business and I would have given 110% on their wedding day. Their deposit wasn't given back because it's nonrefundable and because they decided to break the contract. Phone calls weren't taken because it was advised to me to deal with them via email for legal record keeping.  I can also provide the entire email conversation from beginning to end and you will no where see that I "attacked [Tracy's] profession as a teacher". 
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