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Has anyone used George Street Photography for a St. Louis Wedding?  We came across them online and it looks like they are in several cities, but I can't find anything specific to St. Louis.  Any insight or recommendations would be appreciated!

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    It seems that TK ate my last post.  I have heard of George Street and have seen them advertise, but I haven't seen any of their work around here.  I would personally recommend Ajoy Kumar at http://photosajoy.com/ - he is FANTASTIC and has the best prices I have seen.  We get him all day with unlimited locations for about half the price of other photogs in this area.  He takes gorgeous pics also. 

  • I had a friend who thought about it but since they couldn't tell her who was going to be her photographer she decided to go another route. 
  • I looked into them but decided against them. I felt like they were over priced and not very personal. Also even after I told them I was not interested, they still continued to send me emails and calls. It was very irritating. I am using Vintage Lens Photography. They do beautiful work from what I have seen, and are very personable. www.vintagelensphoto.com

  • Check out Ikon Photographs www.ikonphotographs.net www.facebook.com/ikonphotographs David is amazing and the price is reasonable
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  • I had a wonderful experience with Blue Eye Photography (http://www.blueeyephotographybybridget.com/)
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