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Where to buy or have made custom wedding gloves

Hello St. Louis brides/Newlyweds

I looked and looked and looked for address with fleas that would work for me and wound up finding the perfect dress but it happened to be sleeveless.
Unfortunately, I need to cover my upper on so now I am looking for work full length Fingerless gloves... I've searched online and everywhere I can think of but none are quite right most stop mid upper arm and would squeeze what I'm trying to cover which is loose skin from weightloss.
Any advice as to how I can remedy this situation to those St. Louis brides out there... any places you know that would either alter or make the gloves that I need/want? I've thought of trying to add some kind of off the shoulder sleeves to my dress but Nothing the place that I bought my dress that will work With my dress and most places don't want to work on other places dresses...
Thanks to anyone with advice or who can point me in the right direction

Re: Where to buy or have made custom wedding gloves

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