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Where is/was your Bridal Shower?

I want to have a big hat bridal shower, so I think the venue should be very well lit. (Otherwise no one will be able to see with their hats on.

I don't really want a community center feel because I don't want cheesy decorations. But where that isn't like $25/person?

Oh and we're aiming for Aug. 24.

Re: Where is/was your Bridal Shower?

  • I don't know what a big hat shower is...

    My bridal shower was Sunday brunch at Scape in the CWE. The meals average $8-13 pp. They put us up on a little rise in the corner so it had a semi-private feel. They also have an event room downstairs, though I don't know how well lit it is. And they have a nice patio.
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