Indoor Ceremony vs. Outdoor Ceremony

Hi Knotties I need some help.  I'm completely torn between having my wedding ceremony outside at the beautiful Scott Fountain on Belle Isle or The histroic Second Baptist Church in Greektown.  Both locations are beautiful but there are a few cons I guess.  First, I always wanted an outdoor wedding but July will be super hot and if it rains the City does not give you a back-up location.  Also, my in-laws aren't to fond of Belle Isle because it's super crowded during the summer and people play their music pretty loud at time.  Only cons of Second Baptist is that it's not outside and I never seen the sanctuary in person.  What do you all think?  I'm torn.  

Re: Indoor Ceremony vs. Outdoor Ceremony

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    I personally wouldn't chance an outdoor ceremony without a plan b. Also, I don't think your cons for the church are very strong -- can't you go visit it to see if you like the inside?

    I've also heard working with the city can be a challenge, so that could be another con to Belle Isle. I was married at the DYC, and I'm a huge fan of getting married on the island, but the Conservatory, Casino, etc. are run by the city and that can be a pain.

    ETA: If you got married at the fountain, where would your reception be? You could always book the casino if it's available, and then that would be your Plan B for a ceremony location, too. But, again, that'd be working with the city and dealing with any issues they might have.
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    I would definitely have a plan b as Michigan weather can be very unexpected.  Have you thought about maybe the Roostertail?  It's on the water, has an outdoor patio, and they can put up tents in case of rain.
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    Scott Fountain is gorgeous and I have been to a wedding at the Fountain.  But if you want more control over condtions then I would go with the church and then just take pictures at Scott Fountain, the Belle Isle Conservatory and wherever else you want afterwards.  Plus I'm not sure how seating would work at the Fountain for your guests.  If it's a pretty average sized wedding I think the seating might be more comfortable at the church without the sun beating down on their heads.

    Just be sure that the parking situation at Second Baptist is not too inconvenient for your guests.  Greektown parking can be complicated unless its ok for them to park in the Greektown Casino garage without a fee and then walk to the church for those who don't mind walking a few blocks.  These sort of details are things to think about along with whether you need to get a block of rooms at a hotel in the area.  Which one would that be for OOT guests?
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    TaRisha2012TaRisha2012 member
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    I too had this issue. But I decided that I'd be safe and do an indoor wedding, I would be upset if it rained and the entire reception would be ruined.
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