Bakeries for Edible Favors

Any suggestions for local bakeries who would do something like a chocolate covered oreo/pretzel favors? I've found some on Etsy but would prefer it if I could try them before I order them. Trying to keep it as close to $1/pp as possible.

Re: Bakeries for Edible Favors

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    To be honest, this is something you can really do yourself. Melting chocolate in the microwave, dipping pretzels is really easy.

    There is a store in 10 Mile east of Van Dyke called Heinreich's Cake and Candy store (across from Dealer's Discount Flowers). They sell candy melts in all sorts of colors, have white, milk and dark chocolate in large chunks, and have a ton of different sprinkles. They also sell the bags you can put them in if you want them.

    Send me a private message (link below), with your email address and I'll tell you how to do this. It will cost way less than $1 each, and depending on how many you want, maybe 10 second each to do.
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    I'm having cake balls made from sweet occasions, but she does everything from chocolate covered pretzels to salted Carmels...contact them at http://sweetoccasions.us/
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    I'll check out sweet occassions! I'm terrible at making stuff like that look pretty, It might taste ok but it will look like crap. thanks!
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