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Does anyone have any recommendations for a hall (that isn't a dark wood paneled 80's flashback place) that allows you to use an outside caterer?  We're in Rochester, but willing to go pretty much anywhere in Oakland or Macomb.  We'll likely have about 100-150 people and though we're definitely on a smaller budget for the right space I can make cuts elsewhere. 

Our biggest problem is my fiance's family is chinese and owns a restaurant and my fiance thinks his dad is going to offer for us to have the reception at his restaurant, but it's not big enough for all of our guest so we thought maybe we could find a hall where we could have his dad place cook some chinese dishes and have a caterer do the rest (if we could find a caterer willing to do this).  It's just an idea at this point but thought it wouldn't hurt to explore the option.


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    Welcome to the Detroit Board!

    My wedding was at Greenead Village, link in my bio below. However, maximum capacity is 100, but, you could rent tents and use the grounds if you wanted.

    After you find a place that you like, your other difficulty could be finding a caterer willing to supplement your future father-in-laws Chinese cooking. Depending on the volume of food and other items you are supplementing with, they may be willing to do it. Look into the catering businesses from some local gourmet stores like Joe's Produce in Livonia, Holiday Markets in Royal Oak (they catered our wedding), or Randazzo's. Because the catering functions from these stores are not their sole source of profits, they are more flexible with their prices, and may be willing to share the catering with your future father-in-law's business. Plus, they have access to vendors that can supply plates, tables, chairs, glassware, utensils and linens, which are other things you are going to need. All of that adds up to about $5 per person or more, on average based on all the research I did during our wedding planning.

    The Wedding Channel is affiliated with the Knot and has reviews of venues in the local Detroit area here:

    It's a good place to start. "Featured" vendors means they pay to be advertised, so keep that in mind. By reading the reviews placed by brides you can get an idea of what the venue offers, whether you can bring in your own vendors, etc.

    Good luck.
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    I think its called rochester house? Its downtown overlooking the park.
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    Thanks ladies!

    We talked with fiances mom tonight and have planted the seed about his dad possibly doing our engagement party food or maybe the rehersal dinner, so that everyone can relax and enjoy the actual wedding day...hopefully she waters the seed and cultivates the idea!

    Its not that I don't want his dad to do it, because I definitely want to respect and represent his culture, I just don't think allowing him to have that stress on his sons wedding day is worth it.
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