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So Exited! And relieved...

So, originally, my fiance and I were going to get married this October. Our bank account had other plans-so we're shooting for March 1st 2014 (still a ways off, but I figure the more time I have to plan, the better, plus I can spread out the cost over a longer period of time).

My mother was extremely opposed at first-she thinks I shouldn't be getting married at this time of my life and blah blah blah...So I didn't ask her come with me a few months ago when I got my dress or anything. I just took it to her house last night to show her and she started giving me so many cool ideas! She found the PERFECT venue for both the ceremony AND the reception ( and it is beautiful! I know that the wedding is really to far away to think about actually booking a place yet, but so far this is the best I have found. I love it!

Anyway, just totally jazzed that my mom not only seems to approve now, but is actually kinda having fun helping me with it. We talked wedding stuff for about 4 hours straight lol

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