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Hey everyone,

I am considering hosting my wedding in my backyard.  I will be having around 70 guests, my yard is large enough to have both the ceremony and a tented reception.  I am looking for a laid-back, rustic kind of wedding, in the fall, and no venues near me offer that for a smaller budget/guest list.  My big concern is that my home only has one bathroom, and I am wondering how guests (especially girls!) might feel about using a rented port-a-potty?  They do have nice ones available (not just the blue construction site types)...... Any thoughts on this?  Has anyone been to a wedding where they rented a port-a-potty on the South Shore? If so, how was it?! 

I am also looking for some catering and tent/table recommendations, so if you know anyone or used anyone on the South Shore (near Kingston) I would appreciate the tip!

I really appreciate any help or insight you guys can give, thanks so much!!! 

Re: At Home Wedding Questions KINGSTON, MA

  • I would not advise this nor would I want to use a port a potty at someone's wedding.  Did you check out Camp Kiwanee?  I went to a wedding there that was so much fun.  I believe you hire your own caterer.  The couple was married with the pond/lake in the background.  It was beautiful and very rustic.
  • I disagree with the PP.  I went to a backyard wedding (it was in Florida) and they brought in "porta potties."  They were more like bathrooms on wheels, with multiple stalls and running water.  There was a sepearte trailer for men and women.  I thought they were great and I had absolutely no qualms about using them as they were very clean.  If you bring in portable bathrooms rather than porta-potties, I think you will be fine. Good luck! 
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    Thanks guys for your help! 

    The unit I was considering is actually three stalls, in a trailer, with running water and electricity (real tile, etc too) and a bathroom attendant comes with it also, to make sure everything runs ok in there, and to do the usual passing of towels and whatnot..... NOT like a regular port a potty at all, more like a bathroom on wheels like someone posted earlier..... And I do still have a "real" bathroom in my home if people were uncomfortable with using the portable unit...

    Thanks again I appreciate the feedback!
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