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Shower Thank you Card Update

A few of you may recall on Monday I started a thread discussing my stance on shower thank you cards and that I focused mostly on "showering with love" part rather than "showering with gifts part" when writing the cards. Then I felt so bad when many of you so kindly explained that I did it wrong and should have mentioned the gift more. I was really feeling bad since that thread because I was worried that my attempt to show that I was genuinly grateful came off as insincere. 

Well.... I got so excited because today I got phone calls from two women who attended my shower and received my cards. Apparenly, they were so pleased with my card and appreciated the time I took to write a personalized and heartfelt note in each one since most people don't do that anymore. Plus they were impressed that they got it so soon after the shower. It definitely made me feel a bit better. 

I'm really hoping this means I didn't offend too many people...

Anyway, thought you ladies would appreciate the update since you were all so helpful in the other thread and helped me learn the error of my ways. 

I'm just so glad my heartfell but gift-less thank you notes didn't crash and burn with those two people. Really crossing my fingers that the others feel the same. 

Atleast now I know what I was supposed to do. 
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Re: Shower Thank you Card Update

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    That's great! I think it's good to write everything you did, but include something about the gift and maybe why you love it so much. I'm glad it worked out.
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    I'm finding that gifs explain things so much better for me these days!

    I'm mostly a lurker here, but I've learned a lot from just reading these boards.  Glad you did too (and I'm glad someone called to say how much they liked the card!).  My mother used to make me write Thank You cards for everything.  It's something that I just do automatically now.  Lately I've heard a lot of good things about that.  People appreciate it.

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    that is awesome!!
    i just got my TY cards from Vistaprint and don't love them. I was going to freak out and order new ones, but then remembered that the only thought i have when I get a TY card is "wow, i'm so glad they liked the gift and thanked me for it."

    I am keeping some at work so every day after we recieve a gift I'm writing and sending them. otherwise, they'll never get done....

    And I LOVE THE BRUCE video
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