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FH and I live in Philadelphia, but I grew up in Pittsburgh (Shaler / North Hills area) and we're getting married in Pittsburgh (@ Saint Mary of the Mount)  on April 20, 2013.   Our photographer (Lauren Zurchin... LOVE!) includes an engagement shoot in her packages, which we've scheduled for September 2nd (also in Pittsburgh).  We're trying to think of cute locations / ideas for the engagement pictures... 

To give you an idea of our personalities, FH likes industrial / urban settings and loves baseball (unfortunately, he's a Mets fan, although he does cheer on the PIrates as well).  He's a Mechanical Engineer.  I love feminine looking things, more suburban (? ... Not urban) settings and ALL THINGS LILLY!!! ... I work at Lilly Pulitzer (google it if you're unfamiliar... It's kiiiiinda crazy... In the best way!!), so chances are there will be some Lilly in these pictures.. which is something to take into consideration when trying to pick locations!! 

We're also parents (hehe) to a 4 lb. chihuahua... I think it would be nice to have him in some pictures as well!  

Anyone have any cute ideas for locations or pictures?? Pinterest is sort of falling short in this area... 

Thanks in advance!! 


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  • There's a park in Wexford. I lived in Wexford for 3 years and then moved 2 goes away from Pittsburgh 2 years ago.. I'm sorry but I don't remember the name of the park...
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  • I did the Riverwalk by PNC Park/Heinz Field (FI proposed to me there!) and one of the bridges there, too.  That'll cover your FI.  
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  • Mellon Park in Shadyside is beautiful and would fit in well with your love of Lilly Pulitzer. That's where ours were taken...PM me and I can send you the link to them if you'd like.

    Also, if you're looking for urban/industrial settings, with all of the brick buildings and old railroad tracks and bridges nearby, the Strip District would make for a neat setting.

    See this:
    and this: (the bridge in this third set of pictures is on 33rd St., I believe. It's a railroad bridge).

  • If you do a park downtown somewhere, the Strip District is definitely a fun place to shoot.  We did our engagement shots there in January - purposefully contrasting our bright summer beach wedding with some grittier Pittsburgh-during-winter shots.  There are some great graffitied alleyways for some fun urban shots.  I also love Penn Mac and Fortunes Coffee, so we called ahead to get some indoor shots at those places as well.
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  • Here are a few of ours:

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  • Sorry that last post is so long!  I just don't have the link to the preview anymore, and apparently the pics don't want to stay side-by-side like I positioned them.  Another thought... you could also do Point State Park (quintessential Pittsburgh with the fountain, but also pretty and more feminine) with some shots either in Station Square (I've seen some beautiful pics from there with the train tracks, bridge, Grand Concourse, etc.) or over to the Strip District.

    By the way, we're parents to a 4 pound Chihuahua as well!  She was in our wedding pics (in a lovely custom-made dress of course).

    Good luck in whatever you choose!

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  • you can never go wrong with mt washington!! we had a friend of ours take pictures of us there. we even had some on the incline. they were awesome!!
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  • We did ours at Schenly Park park accross from Phips. The cobly stone and bridge we found below is cute! Then we went to the fountain and a few other places near the library and pitt
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Engagement Photo locations in Pittsburgh...</a>:
    [QUOTE]  Another thought... you could also do Point State Park (quintessential Pittsburgh with the fountain, but also pretty and more feminine) [/QUOTE]
    </div><div>The fountain isn't turned on, though.  It sucks because I would've walked across the bridge for shots there when doing my north shore pics.</div>
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  • What?!  That does suck.  I guess I haven't been down that way for a while.
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  • OMG Lauren is my photographer - I LOOOOOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!  I would suggest Schenley Park, Riverwalk or Mt. Washington/South Side.
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