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Having our 1 year old at our wedding

I'm currently engaged and pregnant. I'm hoping to get married next year since we've been engaged for quite some time while we've been trying to save up money. By that time our not yet born daughter should be 1 - 1 1/2 years old. I'm wondering what couples normally do with their young child during the ceremony and reception. Obviously I want to have her apart of our special day but also want to be able to enjoy myself without having to take care of her most of the time. Do family members usually leave the reception early taking the baby with them? Do people hire a baby sitter? 

Re: Having our 1 year old at our wedding

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    I've been hired as a babysitter before for the bride and groom's children.  I usually stay at the reception with the kids through dinner and leave and go to a hotel or wherever they send me after that.
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    A good friend of mine & her husband got married when their daughter was 5 months old.  They hired a sitter to stay with her at home during the ceremony & reception.

    If a family member doesn't offer to keep an eye on her for you (don't go around asking them), then I suggest you hire a babysitter to keep her occupied during the day; whether that's at your venue or your home is up to you.
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    My brother and SIL had a 6 month old.   They had their wedding at a hotel where they and the rest of us had rooms.  They hired a sitter to take care of her in my parent's suite.  K was brought down to the reception a few little while.   That night my parents took care of her in their room.  Since we were all in the same hotel my brother/SIL just walked down the hall to picked up in the morning.

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    We kinda played hot potato baby at my wedding I was really upset because I never got any time with her. She was also our flower girl. My mom, dad, and a few of her auntys all just kind of turns. Her friend the ring bearer was there so they played a lot with the RI g brmearers mom.
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    Hire a sitter - I'm sure family members will want to hold your daughter and pass her around, but have someone there to make sure she's fed, changed, and generally taken care of. No one will want to change her diaper, and I'm sure you and your groom won't, all dressed up in your finery. The sitter can be a guest at your wedding, holding your daughter, if you want your daughter to attend, or can stay at home with your daughter if you'd prefer that instead.

    If the babysitter attends the wedding, you would feed her like you would any other guest.

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    Agree with the other ladies. Hiring a babysitter would be a good idea. I'm in the same boat. I'm pregnant right now, our daughter will be about 10 months old at our wedding. My Mom and stepdad have decided they are going to be in charge of our 2 year old son and our 10 month old daughter that day, which I am very comfortable with because I'd rather not have to worry about who has them and/or what they're doing all day while we're running around and getting ready.
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