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Invite for guest with 2 SO's

We have a guest, friend of my FI, who has been dating 2 people for a while. I'm not 100 sure the situation but I think at least 1 of them knows about the other maybe?. I'm not saying I agree with what she does, but I just don't judge because it's not my place and she's my FI's friend, not mine.

My question is how to address her invite. I know we should list SO's by name if possible, and we could get both names, but we don't care which one she brings. Is it acceptable in this case to just invite her with a 1?

Re: Invite for guest with 2 SO's

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    In this case, I would invite her with a guest and let her choose who to bring.  You could ask her ahead of time which person she is planning to bring (and thus which name you should put on the invitation).
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    Agree I'd probably word it though "Just calling to ask for the correct spelling of your guest's name for the wedding invitiation" so they can just tell you that way instead of "which one are you planning on bringing"  

    Might be less awkward?
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    It's late and I didn't read the OP fully and at first I was thinking "Your going to invite someones 2 SO's?!  That should be awkward."  Then I saw that I misread (and I fully agree with PP's)  I shouldn't read posts when I am tired.
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    I suggest using "and guest" and having them fill it in.  You said you're not sure if the 2 of them know about the other, correct?  What if you address it to the guest this person said they would bring, but person number two is there when the invite arrives and sees someone elses's name on the invitation?  That could lead to trouble.  While it's not your responsibility to try and "cover" for anyone elses relationships, it might just be worth avoiding the potential conflict.  That's my 2 cents.
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    Thanks everyone! We're just going to stick with "and guest" for all the reasons everyone gave. That was my my gut feeling anyways but I didn't want to offend anyone.
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