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How early can you apply for your marriage license?  I read the requirements on the state website and it said it is valid for 6months but I remember hearing something about not going until the month of your wedding, can anyone confirm any of this?
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Re: marriage license

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    Hi, you can apply for it up to 6 months before your wedding date, but is only valid for 30 days from the date you pick it up. So you'd need to be getting married within 30 days of picking it up.

    We finally just applied for ours this morning for our April 20th wedding and it should be ready to pick up in 3 days!
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    Yes, in fact, we did our very early since it would have been difficult for us to take the same day off to go apply for it together.  (6 months before when we both just so happened to have the same day off). Our wedding is June 1 so I can't pick it up until May 1. 
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