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Nevada-Las Vegas

3/30/2013 Review (Wednesday 3/27)

I'm going to split the reviews up into days - I am also going to put my email at the bottom of each review so in case any knotties have any questions down the road!



Southwest Vacation Package A+++++++

Southwest was/is great. Flight was on time.


National Car Rental A+++++++ (through Southwest Vacation Package)

We rented a minivan (lol), since it was 4 of us and we had a lot of luggage. We arrived at the Car Rental Complex at the airport and were able to pick out the vehicle we wanted – kind of neat to look into each vehicle and see if you like it or not – pick the color, etc.  (you know, a minivan looks a lot cooler if it’s black than white)


Fit for a Bride A+++++++

Debbie and her assistant are fantastic. I had called about a week prior because I knew my dress needed to get steamed and thought it also needed spot cleaning as it had a couple of spots on it from alterations, so I made an appointment for Wednesday – I just stated our arrival time into Vegas. I walked through the door and was asked “Are you Linda?”… Their customer service is fantastic.  They agreed to steam my husbands (wow it’s weird writing or saying that), suit as well. I was afraid I would have to pay extra for the spot cleaning but Debbie looked at my dress & spots and said she’ll be able to remove them during the steaming. Also I didn’t ship my dress prior to or carried it onto the plane, I vacuum-sealed it and put it in the suitcase…we had a direct flight, and 2 days to spare before we were getting married – so if something would have had happened to our luggage there was enough time to get it or to go rent a dress.


Men’s Wearhouse A

Our son was measured in TN at a Men’s Wearhouse store. Well we arrived and his pants were too short so the told us we could pick it up Friday.  Not really that big of a deal, but we did have to make a special trip.  We also forgot to return it on our scheduled date – so we were charged an extra $20.00 Frown but that was our fault!


Marriage License Bureau A+++++++

We pre-registered the night before we left (so Tuesday).  Once we arrived, there were approximately 4-5 couples in front of us that had also pre-registered online.  I believe we were there a total of 30 min (if that).  Lot’s of couples had to fill out the required forms there and their wait was longer.  You can pay cash or with card. Note: if you pay with card there is an additional fee of $5.


Planet Hollywood A

We registered it through Southwest Vacation packages – no issues, our room was nice, clean with a mountain view, the bathroom was huge.  There was some wasted space in the room. It’s a nice hotel – centrally located, but it doesn’t offer much. 


My email address (I don't check that one regularly but I do check it at least once a week): ljones2424(at)hotmail(dot)com

Re: 3/30/2013 Review (Wednesday 3/27)

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