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Any of you LV Knotties hiring a videographer? I don't want to regret not having some sort of video. I looked up old posts but couldn't find much info so I did a google search. Langdon Video is a good price BUT I got a little video spoiled when I found Sean Cannell (Clearvision Media). Omg, he is AH-mazing!! Look him up on YouTube, but grab some tissues because you will cry! I had to take him off the list because he's out of our budget.

I have narrowed it down to these two and wondered if anyone had any reviews/input/thoughts?

Light Source Films
Tie the Knot Media (in AZ, will travel to NV for free!!)

Re: Videography?

  • We didn't wish we did. Luckily a nephew recorded it on his iPhone.
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    We cannot fit a professional videographer in the budget, but I highly recommend it. I have been to friends' weddings who have had them and they are great to watch later. Sometimes hilarious! I still want video though so I may do one of those semiDIY routes, ie: FlipAHit, StoryMix. I rather have something than nothing. Best of luck!
  • We decided that photography was the most important to spend $$$ on so we can flip through pictures easily instead of a video on dvd but If I had the extra $$$ I would do it. Our ceremony package comes with video of ceremony so thats what was most important and I'm having my sister's bf record parts of the reception on his camera so that i have some video of the evening and thats all i really need, bits and pieces on video but the majority of good quality photography. Most of my friends past weddings they opted out of videography bc they figure when will they really watch the dvd besides when they first get home from Honeymoon. If its important to you do it.
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