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Okay I'm planning to have pictures taken by a professional photographer of the whole bridal party prior to the ceremony and reception. I noticed brides talking about a photo tour, who did you guys book this with. I'm just looking for a limo or Hummer that holds 12 people that will take us around Las Vegas so we can take pictures. I'm not sure if a tour is what we want but do you know if limos drivers can just take us where we ask to be taken. I want to take pictures at the Vegas sign, Fremont street, the art district and if that less than 2 hours than we can pick another place to take more pictures. What do you guys think?

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  • What time of day and day of week are you getting married?  Although they're geographically close, loading and unloading 12 people from a limo at the vegas sign and at fremont, and doing pictures in between, could easily consume all of two hours with a very rushed session.  Add traffic into that and you may not have enough time.  Might want to cut one of the two out and replace with something closer.

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  • It will be on a Sunday around 3 pm. I just want to go to one or two different locations. The Vegas sign isn't that important so I can cut that out. The reason I said Fremont street is that I want some pictures by different signs, and I thought about the art district because of the different colors. I'm looking for bright color backgrounds. Hmmm not I'm not sure what to do... is Sundays super busy?
  • I agree with vegasgroom, the travel time and traffic add up very quickly, and unloading more people and keeping them together means more time. 

    Most days are busy, the only real quiet time for Fremont street is around the very early AM when most people are sleeping or just waking up.  However, there are always a few quiet places off the main drag, including one spot with a large mural painted on the wall, another circular walking area with lots of colors (especially yellows, blues and oranges), and a few other spots wherever you veer a little off fremont street proper.  I believe the arts district has other murals and painted effects, and it is often less busy because it isn't within walking distance of 10+ casinos.  In fact, a lot of the arts district art is found in back streets (if I am remembering the correct place).  The Bar & Bistro is a nice dining spot very close to there and they have live music from 12-3pm or so on many Sundays.

    Comfortable shoes to alternate with your mains are important, there is a lot of walking to be done in Vegas!

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