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Back from Scouting!

First I have to say sorry to the bride that wanted photos of the Wynn Buffet, we didn't end up going to eat there, so very sorry 

Masteroiece Cuisine: The food was very good, we did switch the Fire Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Kabob for the Bourbon Chicken with Boursin. The teriyaki was a bit dry and if it sat for any length of time at the party we felt it would be very dry. Nicole was the gal we sat with she was very professional as well as easy to talk with. We will be booking with them FOR SURE!!

Planet Hollywood Apex and Boulevard suites: We met with Dallas for tours of both, he was very nice, great sense of humor and easy going. He was full of knowledge of both rooms. The decor in the Boulevard is awesome but the lay out of the Apex will accommodate our guests much better. The boulevard was pretty square as the apex is a long curved rectangle (lol) 

Planet Hollywood Chapel: Going in I thought this was one of my top picks, It is very lovely but it didn't have the vibe i was looking for, the office is right in front so your guests would have to walk through there to get into the chapel, also the brides room was VERY bright and harsh. The gal there was very nice and knowledgeable. I will not be booking here.

Flamingo and the Sliver Sky at Quad: I had an 11:30 appointment with a girl , we were to meet in the garden chapel. there was a bit of confusion (on my part i thought we were to meet at the gazebo on the lawn the easiest to find) anyways I called at about 11:45 because she was still not there (i was in the wrong stop lol) So another gal gives me directions to the chapel and we head over. When we get there she (the manager) tells me she has sent everyone to lunch because they all have stuff to go later and I was late. I say im sorry and tell here we had been waiting in a different spot, she didn't seem to care. SO i really went to see the Silver Sky not Flamingo so I ask if she would mind showing it to us, she said we could walk over and look at the pictures out front of it when i said i have seen pictures she told me she has been working with another bride and her mother and they have gone out to lunch and she's not sure when they will be back, so she cant leave. She had said it would only take about 5 mins to walk over, so i was suprised when she would not take me.

I 'm not a very hard person to please but this upset me, made me feel very unimportant, and honestly like she didn't give a rats ass about us. She told me I could call later in the day and maybe someone could show me then. Our day was full so we never made it back , and honestly im ok with that i wouldn't want to deal with that lady again.

Retro Bakery : YUM YUM YUM lol everything was delish, one big fat check of the list :)

ARIA: they are in the process of building a chapel Marissa,( the gal i have been in touch with) has sent me furniture concepts as well as floor plans(I can forward them to anyone who wants them), I can tell I am going to love it. We met with her and she is an absolute doll. The property is so beautiful, im in love.

The Plaza: This hotel at the end of the Fremont experience has had a complete remodel. It is vintage yet modern, love the property. We looked at the chapel and it is very cute, and for 399$ a great option. 

They have a derby suite witch is 2 bedrooms and a huge living room, she said you could have your reception in there, but would need to use there in house food. 

i have lots more pics of the rooms just let me know if you want to see them

out side chapel cigar bar

Harmony Medina: Once again everything said about her is true, she is so down to earth, I felt like i had known her for years, i showed her one picture of a hair style i liked and what i though could be different and she nailed it! makeup was great too!

I am going to post photos, and if anyone has questions PLEASE ask!
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