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How to envolve a stepdad?..

My sister in laws real dad is very much apart of her life, so its easy to pick him to walk her down the isle, but what about her great stepdad. He has been through a lot with her and loves her like his own. Real dad would not be willing to share the isle with the stepdad. Thanks

Re: How to envolve a stepdad?..

  • So you are asking on behalf of your sister in law? Why dont you let her decide if and how she wants to involve her stepdad.

    He could do a reading at the ceremony, or give a toast, she could also have a special dance with him as well as her real dad to honor them both.
  • I would agree with PP, a reading at the ceremony would be nice, maybe a toast at dinner.  Honestly though, she could probably have a nice dinner with her stepdad and thank him for everything and really tell him how much his support means to her.  And, then he will know, she will know and they will have gotten their time to celebrate it.  If she is worried about ruffling dad's feathers this might be the easiest way.  And, then at the reception making sure to make time to tell him how important he is to you.  And, even if it isn't a private dance everyone watches, make time to dance with stepdad that night!
  • Thanks Ladies, I am asking on behave of her becasue I already have an account on here from my wedding.
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    she could also add his name to the invites (if she is listing parents' names on them) and have a father-daughter dance with him as well (after the one with her real dad, of course!).

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