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last song ton between 2 songs

so we finally met with our dj that the venue is givin us as part of the package deal. he gave me a user name and log in so i can start picking out songs and such. granted my wedding is not till june of 2014 i am a huge planner i know i will be changing song lists quite often i get 20 must play songs 20 possibly play and i will let the dj figure out the rest in terms of  people on the dance floor and such for the special requests i have all the usualy stuff cuting the cake entering  the ceremony etc. that i can pick as well 

but i am torn on the last dance song i have 3 songs in mind 

i had the time of my life ( i love the song and its a great exit song for an amazing wedding but my brother had that song  played at his wedding this past novemeber

goodnight sweetheart by david kersh

partial lyrics for those who are unformilar with the song 
Window seat, thirty-thousand feet above the ground
Blue moonbeams on silver wings brings me down
Slipping off my coat for the long night flight
I find a note she wrote last night
I can almost hear those words as I close my eyes
Goodnight sweetheart,
Sleep tight where ever you are
God hold you in His arms while we're apart
Though you're far away
Your love will stay tucked away here in my heart
Goodnight sweetheart
Sleep tight where ever you are

and the last song is starts over texas 
As you lie in my arms
Girl my hearts on my sleeve
Words come so hard, in moments like these
theres feelings I have, that are so hard to show
But right now theres one thing
I want you to know
As long as the tides ebb
The earth turns the sun sets
I promise I'll always be true
And as long as theres Stars over Texas
Darling I'll hang the moon for you

or if anyone has any suggestions for me 

Re: last song ton between 2 songs

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    We had Michael Buble's "Save The Last Dance For Me".

    Personally, I wouldn't do the same song a sibling did.  (That song is really overplayed as the last song anyway).  Not familiar with the other 2.
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