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I normally wear a 40DDD bra. I have 2 longline bras from Davids Bridal. 1 I bought (42D) and 1 my MIL bought bought (40DD) a long time ago. the 42D bra is what was suggested to me by the Davids Bridal alterations manager. 

Both bras make my chest look like a shelf. Am I not wearing them right? They both have a good amount of space above my boobs inside the cup. I asked the alterations manager about it and she assured me that the dress would fit it no problem. 
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Re: Longline Bra

  • I had the same problem with the longline from DB — and mine was a B cup... extra space in the cups up top. It worried me and my dress is a V neck... it's not as if it would just be completely covered up. The support was really lacking, too, since the cups were just pre-formed but kinda.... not much else to them. 

    I went to Lane Bryant and tried out a strapless (convertible) bra and LOVED it. My dress is a low back and I was surprised to find that this bra stays in place when latched a little lower than normal. 

    I felt so much better and more confident that I was in a better bra! My spanx come up under my boobs, so I didn't really need the support/control provided by the longline. 

    I learned something new! 
  • the DB longlines didn't fit me right either.  They either flatted my boobs out, or they seemed way to bit.  I bought one from and it fit MUCH better.  I did have it altered a bit, because it had a little too much fabric at the top and showed above my strapless dress.   It was only $10.00 extra to have the bra altered, I think.

  • Maybe I'll have them alter the bra I bought there... I'd rather not have to shell out another $80+ for another bra. My dress is an off-the-shoulder v-neck so it doesn't show under the dress. The 42D bra always feels like it's going to flip forward till I get the dress on.

    RAWR!! I keep trying to tell myself it's only going to last a day and all the little mistakes and worries won't matter in the end cuz I get to marry my best friend but still... it stresses me out when things that really shouldn't be that difficult have to be done more than once, as seems to be the norm for all my DIY stuff. Yell
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    this is the one i bought. the straps come off & the back can be folded in if it is too high fully clipped... i got a lot of compliments from the consultant and seamstresses. I did have to order 1 cup size down though, as the cups run large in this.

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  • Phew!  I am so glad it isn't just me thinking those David's Bridal longline bras don't fit right.  Although it was fine with a dress on, it just didn't make me feel very sexy that it looked so stupid and too big when it was on its own.  I was worried that was just how that type of bra looks, so I am glad to hear there are better ones out there.
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