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Hi Ladies! 

I was wondering if anyone in the Maine area knows of any budget friendly caterers? 

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    Where in Maine?

    And what is "budget friendly"?  Please tell us your budget since everyone interprets budget friendly as something different.
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  • Oh, sorry i'm new to the knot. I essentially wanted to know if there were any caterers that people have used in the past and liked, and didn't break the bank. On that note,

    I'm in central Maine, so anywhere from the Bangor to Portland area. And im not terribly comfortalbe talking about money on a public site, i understand "budget friendly" can mean quite a few things, but i'm ok with different interpretations. Any ideas, recommendations would help. 
  • The only place that I have actual experience with is Food Works in Portland ( I have eaten there and my husband knows the owners, but they have never catered anything for me before since my wedding venue included food. 

    As for budget, even a range is really helpful, as is the number of guests you anticipate.  There is generally a lot of talk about money since this is a wedding planning forum.  You will find girls here who have wedding budgets in the $10-20,000 range, and girls who are trying to do everying for under $5000.  The more people know about what you're looking for, the more helpful the suggestions will be.  It would kind of stink to learn about a great caterer that has amazing service, food, and options just to find out that they are no where near your budget even though someone else found them to be "reasonable".
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