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Full steam ahead!

Hi ladies! I love that this board is so supportive of each other and our "early" starts! I thought for sure I wasn't going to truly start with anything other than the venue until this summer when I had more time.
Went dress shopping today, why didn't I go sooner! Definitely thought I wanted A-line, but fit and flair was surprisingly flattering! I found one that could be it (Allure 2619 - love the keyhole back!), but I need my sister to be there. Anyone else fall into that dilemma yet, you've fallen in love with one, but a special person isn't there and you can't quite committ?
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Re: Full steam ahead!

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    Honestly, I did not have my sister, MOH or mother when I actually bought my dress. I took my aunt. If you love it, buy it! I did and I have absolutely no regrets! \

    ETA. You can always show it off to your special people (aunts, mom, grandmother, sister etc) once you have it at home. 
  • For my first time trying on dresses, I just went with my mom because I was afraid if I brought too many people, my own thoughts and opinions would get lost.  However, I felt that I needed my "special" people there before I committed to a dress for sure.  I scheduled a second appointment for my bridesmaids, future mother-in-law, and my mom, and I tried on a few of my top contenders as well as *my* dress. I think I got the best of both worlds: some private time for my mom and some quality time with my *special* people.  Schedule another appointment and try on your dress for your sister---she (and you) will be so happy you did!

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  • Yay! 

    I also found a Fit and Flair that I fell in love with, and really hadn't thought it would be a flattering fit initially, but I loved the keyhole back and lace details.

    Against all advise I had my Mom, FMIL, two sisters, and FSIL with me. . . it was a blast and everyone was well behaved ;-)  They gave their opinions and I gave mine to the consultant and we just had a fun time.

    This Saturday I'm going to another salon to try on the ballgown of my freams, and my Mom, FSIL, two sisters, and another friend are coming along.

    One suggestion for you once you find The One. . . don't get your official measurements taken until October of this year, and don't place the order until then either.  Just in case your sizing changes from now until then.

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