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Colors for Fall Wedding

I have planned my wedding for 10-4-2014. Ok colors for a fall wedding are usually warm fall colors. Im drawn to spring and summer colors though. I know it's my decision, is it weird to go with some kind of aqua / mint color, coral and gold. I just dont want the typical fall colors, does anyone think that will make people think why would she have light colors for a fall wedding. My mom keeps saying it's weird. I'd love to hear what other brides or anyone thinks and what colors your having. Thanks and congrats to everyone on this site!!

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  • I think you will have a hard time finding seasonal, fresh flowers for bouquets and ceterpieces in the fall in those colors.  If you are doing silks, you will be ok, just buy your flowers during the appropriate season for those colors.

    However, I  would serioulsy think about how those colors are going to look against a back drop of fall colors, even if your ceremony/reception is not outdoors.  Are you planning on taking any photos outside?  Are your BM dresses going to clash with everything around them?

    If you don't care about colors clashing, then go for it!  I personally am very picky about colors and color harmony.

    I don't have wedding colors in the traditional sense of picking 2-3 coordinating colors and using them for BM dresses, flowers, centerpieces, etc.  My color palette is Fall- golds, rusts, coppers, deep chocolates, deep purples.  Those colors will carry through our decorations, florals, etc.

    I don't have my dress yet, but once I do I think I'll have a better idea of what color I would like for BM dresses. . . right now I'm leaning toward chocolate.  That being said, I'm pretty sure I am going to have mismatched BMs.  I'll pick a dress length and give them color swatches and tell them to find a dress they love in that length/range of swatches.

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  • Im pretty sure my colors will be Navy Blue & Butter Yellow &White & Grey.  So my colors have a deeper tone that ( i think)  would be okay with the Fall leaves. I think your colors may be a little too springy. Maybe if you made one or 2 of your colors a hue darker it might work. (but what do i know, im not a wedding planner!) It also matters where you're taking your pics. If its an indoor thing or somewhere away from "fall colors" i wouldnt worry about the colors matching the season. but if you're going to be outside you might want to take a buttload of paint chips from walmart & compare them with a "fall" backdrop.
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  • my colors are aqua, white and black, but i am getting married on the water front instead of with a back drop of trees. 
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    Hello fellow October 4th bride ;)!  Have no fear about choosing a color just because you love it! I'm also choosing mint with accents of ivory--traditionally very spring/summer colors.  I've always loved mint, and the FI is willing to let me "have it" since he loves green too (Right, like he even had a choice in the matter ;) jk!).  We're having our wedding in a barn, so I wanted to make sure it was cheerful and bright, so that's why I chose my colors.  If I would have gone with the darker colors associated with fall, it would have been too gloomy in my venue.  Asfar as bouquets and centerpiece flowers are concerned, you don't have to use mint, coral, and gold in them if you don't want to!  My girls are going to have a muted bouquet of any flower (I'm not all that picky) in the colors white and blush pink.  You can always use more neutral flowers  and spice up the bouquets and centerpieces with ribbons in mint and coral.

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  • You all have been very insightful and helpful, I really appreciate it. Thank you ALL so much!!! 
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    Good Luck!  Let us know what you decide, and post pics!

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    I say go for it! Our colors are pale pink and gray.  I don't think the colors have to fit the season.  Who cares?! :)
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