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Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Hello! :) I am hoping to get some thoughts on bridesmaid dresses for a relaxed, outdoor ceremony (hopefully!) on October 4th. I am in the super early stages of planning (waiting to go public with ideas until we know for sure we are financially able to buy a home within a year). I have been thinking about how to make finding a BM dress easy and convenient with our colors being pale pink, gray, black, and white. I plan on asking my twin sister, a close family friend who is like a sister, and my 2 FSILs to stand with me.

Which option do you like best ease and colorwise?
1) Any cocktaillength black dress
2) Any cocktaillength dress of any shade from a gray paint chip
3) Any cocktail length black or gray dress

I know that the little black dress option is the most convenient, but might the black be too contrasting against the vibrant, colorful nature? All thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

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Re: Bridesmaid Dress Colors

  • What I have done at this point (granted I only have 2BM) is gone onto Weddington Way and found a color I like to go with my colors (blue, white and black) and picked out a sillhouette (floor lenth) and found about 10-15 dresses I like and told the girls they can pick something from the selections. I also found them in a variety of price points from $100-$200
  • I'm planning on doing black dresses with my girls. I love black mixed with fall colors, and I like that if the men do black suits that the women will match. I would probably just do #1 - any cocktail length black dress.
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  • I'm a vintage and shabby chic girl at heart, so I love the idea of giving your BMs a gray paint chip and letting them go to town!  If my future-mother-in-law wouldn't have a cow about different colored BMs dresses, that's exactly what we were going to do!   The gray would look beautiful, and it shouldn't be too hard to find a nice dress in the color scheme.  Gray may be a nice alternative to black if you are worried that it will be "to harsh" against your other colors.  You could also ask your girls when you officially announce your wedding date and get their opinions.  I'm sure they'd love to weigh in, and it would give them more of a "say" in their attire.

    Sidenote: My FI wanted black tuxes for the groomsmen because he wanted to look like James Bond (lol). Because my colors are mint green and ivory, I thought the black would look too harsh.  When we put a black suit next to my girls' dresses (which are mint), it WAS too harsh for my taste.  Maybe you could put the colors together and see how it looks. Interchange the black with the grey and after a couple of days, choose the one that's more pleasing to you.

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  • FH and I have been talking about doing black, white, and red for our colors and I'm going to have my BM's pick any black dress they like. I worry too that there will be too much black but I'm trying to make finding dresses easy and cheap for my ladies!

    I have seen pictures on Pintrest of bridesmaids dressed in various shades of a color and I think it looks beautiful! I think gray and pink would be gorgeous!
  • Thanks ladies :)
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