Biggest Loser *spoilers*

I wish Liz would have went home instead of Allen. I really was rooting for him, Amanda, and Danny. So now it's down to Amanda and Danny for me...I'd love to see Amanda win, since America picked her, but not sure if it's possible since she is the smallest. I liked how they tied in wealth and health last night- I really did learn a lot just from watching b/c I had no idea life insurance was higher for obese people.

I'm very interested in seeing the past contestants in tonight's episode, even though I'm not as familiar with some of them, since I've only watched a couple seasons.

Re: Biggest Loser *spoilers*

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    I'm glad Amanda is still there - but I was hoping Liz would go as well.

    I'm going to miss tonight - but did you see the previews showing Mike and his dad from last season?  His brother was in it and is apparently losing now too, which I think is great!

    I realized last night that they never brought anyone back from home.  I think they've done this every season I've watched.
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    I've been watching it for several years now so I too am looking forward to tonight's episode.

    I didn't really have a care as to which way it went last night. I don't really have much connection to any of them. Fi likes Liz though. I guess if I had to choose I would choose Danny.
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    Oh yea, you're right- no one from came back this season. Hmm... Now that I think about it,this is the 3rd season I've watched, not the second. DH has watched it for longer though- he's the one that got me hooked on it!

    I somehow missed the fact that Mike's brother was in the previews...that's awesome, now I'm very excited to watch it tonight.
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    I'm interested to see which winner has gained all the weight back!  I've only watched the last 3-4 seasons, but still interested to see who it is! I'm DVRing this one since I won't see it!

    I think Amanda and Bob were to mushy last night.  It was nice and all but,  alittle much for me. 

    Why doesn't Liz ever smile?!  Seriously.
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