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7 months to go!

Hey guys! We're getting closer! Any new checks for y'all?

We recently finalized the menu. We're doing a combination of passed appetizers, buffet, station kinda meal.  We've got nine options, covering all sorts of picky eaters (vegatarian, meat eaters, and even some gluten free stuff for my mom):

Grand Display of Assorted Cheeses, Fruit & Vegetables
Bruschetta, Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil & Olive Oil
Shrimp Cocktail
Stuffed Redskin Potatoes with Bacon, Sour Cream and Chives
Hot Crab Dip
Veggie Kebobs
Chicken Tenderloins
Chef Attended Carving Station with Spiral Cut Ham
Gourmet Mac & Cheese Station

We're super duper excited about the food, and I'm so glad that there will be plenty for my mom to eat.  That's our only new check recently. Waiting for the 6 month mark to send out our STD's, which should be fun!

Re: 7 months to go!

  • Our cake tasting is in 2 weeks. :)  I think we're going to owe a payment to the reception venue soon!  The bridesmaids have been asking about dresses, so we're going to start looking at them this weekend.
    The big stuff is out of the way-venues, dress, rings, dj, photographer, flowers, decor, hotel block, half the favors ordered.  We still plan on adding a photo booth, we need to order/create the rest of our favors, and we need to book transportation.  I ordered the jewelry I want to wear, but still need shoes!
  • Umm no new checks... happy about the 7 month mark.. the STD are out, I got the dress :D, photographer and videographer waiting for the BM to order their dresses and I am sure we owe a payment to the venue as well.. I am looking at inviations now.. so hopefully that can be narrowed down and working on the hotel block as im typing...

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  • Dress: Check
    BM Dresses: Check(ordered and 50% paid already)
    Venue: Deposit and 2 payments done
    Flowers: Done and Deposit Made
    DJ/Photog: Met with both and excited to use them. Will be sending deposit at the end of the week.
    Cake: Have to call about tasting
    Dinner: Have to make tasting schedule soon
    Accessories: Head piece(check), still have to get jewelry and shoes
    STDs: Will be sent out this weekend, but are all addresses and ready to go.

    Still working on what to do for favors and guest book type of thing.

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  • We have gotten a lot done since our engagement in February. We have booked and made a deposit on our venue for our ceremony and reception. The FIL have booked and made a deposit on the rehearsal dinner location. FI and I have booked our photographer and are having our engagement photos done next weekend. I'm going dress shopping this weekend with my mom, MOH, and FMIL. Yay!

    Other Checks:
    Ceremony Musician: Booked and deposit made
    Florist: Booked and deposit made
    DJ: Meeting with him this Sunday, hopefully he will be it.
    Hotel rooms: Blocked off as of last week
    Caterer: Booked and paying our deposit at the end of the month.

    We also spoke to our Pastor and we starting pre-marital counseling over the summer. My MOH and I are hosting a brunch for the BMs so they can all get introduced in June. I'm thinking then we can discuss when to go dress shopping for them. I have a couple styles in mind of what I'd like to see them try on.
  • Glad to see we're not the only ones going kinda early to look at BM dresses!  It's funny, I had no intentions of looking this early on, but the girls have been asking about it. They're anxious to get started, so far be it from me to delay. LOL 
    smp87, I'm doing the same thing!  Long, black, chiffon is my only preference.  I don't care what designer, what style, etc they choose as long as it's long, black, and chiffon.  We're going to hit a couple of stores who have a lot of designers to choose from, so that they can decide which style they like individually.  I think the sales people will likely try to get us to choose all one designer, but in all honesty, I don't care. 
  • My girls ordered their dresses in January because they were on clearance at jcrew, so I certainly understand buying early! No new checks here. We have our tastings in 2 weeks as well as several DJ meetings.


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  • Venue, church, dj, photographer and dress are done. We are in the process of booking our florist. We met with four already. My girls starting ordering their dresses and we told them to order by the end of April the latest.
  • Checks:
    Bride's Dress
    Bridesmaid Dresses
    Venues (Ceremony and Reception)
    Hotel Block

    Yet to come:
    Finalize guest list
    Order invitations
    Wedding registry
    Groom/Groomsmen attire

    I'm just excited to have the big items out of the way so I can start to focus on the personal touches that will make the day truly special.
  • Checks:
    BM dresses
    Officiant (but he may have to back out d/t family)
    Hotel Block
    Centerpiece Design
    Invitations are all done and stamped (not sending until August though)
    Ceremony participants have all been asked and accepted
    Music for ceremony is set
    Men's tuxes are done and picked out
    Honeymoon paid for/booked
    Day of Makeup/Hair scheduled

    Still to DO
    November to get here
    I'm sure there are a ton of other details I still haven't thought about yet.
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  • Before seeing everyone else's posts I thought we were well on track but now I'm feeling like we're far behind!
    We've got our ceremony/reception venues booked, and our photographer booked. We've also confirmed with our Pastor that he can do our wedding, and have decided on the wedding party. (when we asked my nephew to be the RB he said that he hopes he doesn't have to wear a bear costume!)
    We're going this weekend to meet with a caterer, and we've started our registry! We're making our own invitations, and have started looking at designs, but now need to make some prototypes :)
    We still need to find a florist, shop for dresses and suits, find a dj and bartender, decide on times for ceremony/reception and plan the décor and cake (we're making our own)


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