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Silk Flowers?

I'm not a big flowers person at all, but of course I want to use real flowers in my reception centerpieces, however my mother has horrible horrible allergies!! When my sister and I were looking over centerpiece idea she goes you know if you have real flowers mommy will not have a good time, so I'm like do I use silk flowers? My reception venue is a very large and open space I'm thinking it's not like she'll be right under the flowers the entire time, but then my other side is saying the whiff of all the flowers might be problematic. What do you all think? 

Re: Silk Flowers?

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    Is she actually allergic to flowers or is she allergic to seasonal pollens? My FI and I are terribly allergic to seasonal pollens but being around bouquets is no problem. Have you talked to your mother about flowers? There are plenty of alternatives. Your centerpieces can be sans flowers, and you could do a brooch bouquet or even paper flowers made from book pages. Silk flowers are also a perfectly acceptable alternative.


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  • @button6004 she's allergic to pollen and certain flowers give her the sneezies and runny eyes and all the horribleness. I talked to her and she is just like "it's your day"  My centerpieces are going use peacock feathers to go with my theme but I did want some flowers in there, so it's not like it's a floral overload.  I'm thinking a brooch bouquet also, I'm really not a flowers kind of girl. I didn't think about making flowers from book pages...good idea!!! 
  • It's up to you, but I would rather not risk my mom feeling sick on my wedding day. It's going to be a big day for her too! Especially if you aren't a big flower person to begin with. I'm getting a couple of silk flowers to float in my vase centerpieces I made and it looks just fine. I think that mixed with the peacock feathers, silk flowers would be fine. Also I'm sure you can find some ideas on pintrest or etsy that don't use flowers and still look awesome. I doubt your guests will complain about fake flowers, especially if they knew the reasoning behind it!
  • I'm looking into doing paper flowers. I've seen some lovely paper wedding bouquets. There are also alternatives to even having flowers at the reception like candles, manzita trees, etc
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  • Well, I've decided to use silk flowers and peacock feathers, my mom has a friend who makes arrangements and she's agreed to do them for me. Also, I am going do feather bouquets for my BMs and a brooch bouquet for me, I'm not a big artsy person but it should be fun doing these DIY projects with my ladies, let's see how it turns out LOL 
  • FYI...most florist variety flowers have been bred so much that the smell is almost completely gone, making them less irritating to sensitive people. Just stay away from lilies. Whatever you use I'm sure it will be beautiful, you simply can't go wrong with peacock feathers. 
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