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Seating Chart

I'm waiting on the last few RSVPs and have a few calls to make but I'm looking to get started on the seating chart and table assignments. I feel like it's going to be a huge undertaking, does anyone have any suggestions? Or what worked for you?

Re: Seating Chart

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    I know who will be sitting with whom at each table but I have to figure out how I want the room set up and where FI's and my table will be. 

    Once most of our RSVPs were in, I started fooling around with putting people in groups. So, my mom's side of the family, my dad's side of the family (they're divorced), FI's mom's side, FI's dad's side (also divorced), then our friends. From there, I pretty much put parents with grandparents with aunts/uncles at one table (if possible) and cousins separate. I didn't have much trouble figuring out who should be at which table, thankfully. 

    TK's seating chart thing is helpful because you can sort people by 'not seated yet' so you don't miss anyone. 

  • I did the poster board with post its. Orginally I used the TK seating chart thing but it got to be too hard to work with because I had to make sure I'd update the tables each time I moved someone.
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  • I worked on a spreadsheet. I have 16 tables so I labeled 16 tables across and then each table only seats 10 people - so I highlighted the 11th seat in yellow to show I was over the limit. Each person's name is in each cell and it made it really easy to copy and paste and move people's names all around until I liked it.
  • I'm using an google docs spreadsheet (same as excel essentially)

  • I'm using the layout my venue gave me as a reference point to at least get an idea of where everyone will be. I'm still waiting on more RSVPs, but for the most part I've got it set. I don't have many seating 'requests' I guess you could say, like keeping certain people apart that don't like each other or anything like that.
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  • My florist suggested using paper plates and sticky notes. Label each plate whatever table number you want it to be (depending on your venue layout) then put the person's name on a sticky and attach them to the plate. If you need to re-arrange its easy to do and it helps if you are a visual person.
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  • I got a posterboard and drew out the layout that my reception place gave to me on that posterboard. Then I wrote all the names of the guests on little flag post-it notes. It worked out perfectly. We were able to fill tables, move people around, adjust as we needed. Once we were pretty set on it, I just wrote it all down on paper in case we lost any post-its and would need to make any further adjustments.

    It was great and it took us so much less time than I anticipated by doing it this way.
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