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Father/daughter dance

What's everyone doing? I'm stuck!

Re: Father/daughter dance

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    Pressed send wat to fast...

    What dance are y'all dancing to for your father/daughter dance?
  • I'm not doing a father/daughter dance but 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac is really pretty and can be a good choice for this!

  • Sorry, I have no idea yet! My dad is picking a song and he is taking it very seriously.
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  • Father daughter dance I loved her first. It seems to fit. My mom said he held me the first 22 hours of my life and she only had me long enough to eat. Step father daughter dance. step father of the bride
  • Wildflowers- Tom Petty.
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    [QUOTE]Father daughter dance I loved her first.

    Posted by kbeveritt[/QUOTE]

     Me too!! 
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  • We just recently decided not to do one. But when it was a conversation, we were considering Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton or My Girl by the Temptations.
  • walk with you- Edwin McCain :)
  • My Wish- Rascal Flatts :)
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  • I'm doing "how you've grown" by 10,000 maniacs.  
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  • Butterfly kisses
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  • I loved her first.  I know a lot of people consider it overdone, but the message of the song is so perfect.  Although I can't listen to it without crying, so I have considered switching to My Girl.
  • "You are the Sunshine of my Life" by Stevie Wonder
  • wildflowers tom petty
  • I'm dancing with my dad to a song called "Daddy Did you Know" by Lelica. She is the cousin of one of my bridesmaids and wrote this song for her album. It's such a sweet song.
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  • When I was younger like 4 or 5 years old, my dad danced with me at a wedding on his knees to Alabama's - I'm In A Hurry. He actually made holes in his suit & I will never, ever forget that. That's been our song since then so I am SO excited to dance with it to him at our wedding!
  • We are dancing to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman....if you have never heard it, then you should listen to will make you cry lol. 
  • We're dacing to Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl," but I reaaallly like Darius Rucker's "It Won't Be Like This for Long." My Matron of Honor used that one last year as her father/daugher dance song though, so I didn't want to copy!
  • I'm still stuck though the suggestion it won't be like this for long by Darius Rucker was nice
  • bc9786, "it won't be like this for long" is what my dad and I are dancing to. I love love love it!
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