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bridesmaids dress

I spoke with my sister also my bm. Well she went for her finally fitting.....

Her dress is four inches to small.... ugh. The seamstress thinks she can take it out. And all i can say is... SHE BETTER. I am freaking out.

Re: bridesmaids dress

  • Oh boy! Finger's crossed. Was this a store ordered the wrong size problem?

  • Sorry for your frustration. I feel ya. One of my BMs just found out she's 2 months pregnant and expects to be showing just enough that she won't fit into the corsetted dress the others have already purchased. Arggg! I'm still not sure how to make it work...

    It sounds like if the seamstress is hopeful that it will work, you're gonna be fine. I'm sure it will work out!
  • How the heck did that happen? Well whatever happened, I hope everything turns out okay.
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  • Oh no! My MOH just ordered her dress now and had it sent to my parents' house. She won't be home until the 27th, I hope it fits cuz next time she'll be home after that is the wedding :-)
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  • My bridesmaid and I are going through this right now. She lives in Detroit and me in Cincinnati. I picked up her dress (we bought from an exclusive Cincy bridal shop) and gave it to her March 20 something when we were together again. She went for her fitting today, (trying on the dress for the first time EVER) and it is 8 inches short of fitting! We were both devistated, but I have "shaw" material from every dress that I expressed shipped to her today and we are hoping the seamstress can add and make the dress fit. Fingers crossed!
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    Yikes! I hope it works out for you guys!

  • It is fixed and looks amazing
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