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Writing a Schedule for day of wedding

Is anyone doing this or are you going to wing it???

If you are doing it can you give an example??

My family and bridesmaids (we don't have a MOH or Best Man) are asking that I give them a schedule to make sure it runs as smooth as possible. I am well.... a flower child. I am pretty disorganized and have NO clue how to write a schedule for the day of. I figured we would wing it. But I have LED candles that will need to be turned on. Icicle lights plugged in crock pots set up. I am getting all the alcohol and allowing my two bartenders to set it up so they feel comfortable and not going "where in the hell did she put that??" I am pretty laid back about this I am not crazy and yelling about stuff. I had a few bumps I got upset about not having any help but here I sit with everything I needed done done. So now I have to make a schedule...... Help please.

Re: Writing a Schedule for day of wedding

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    I was thinking of doing the same thing just so that there is some type of organization.  I have 4 bridesmaids, a hair stylist and make up artist, plus my parents, an aunt and two out of town guests all going to be at my house the morning of the wedding. Then throwing in the photographer and videographer at one point...whew that just freaked me out...that's alot of people. But I think that is the best thing to do for the day of the wedding regardless of where your getting ready or what you need to do because otherwise I think the day of the wedding (which you already will be nervous and stressed out making sure you didn't forget anything! So if there is a list of things you need to make sure are done and a schedule of when they need to be done it will help make the day go smoother for you!.

    Hope this was helpful! Laughing
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    Start your timeline from end to start ....  What time you think the party will end...then add your timelines.... That's how I got mine done...
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    [QUOTE]Start your timeline from end to start ....  What time you think the party will end...then add your timelines.... That's how I got mine done...
    Posted by lenasilva00[/QUOTE]

    Great Idea! Thanks
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    Don't forget to add breaks and buffers in the timeline, unless you don't really mind things running late. :)
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    I am writing one too. Mine is going to be complicated though because none of my bridesmaids are getting their hair/makeup done in the same place and so its all at different times. I've been trying to plan it out,but our venue wont even meet with us until the end of this month 
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    I would make sure if you have a photographer to get their input.  I had written a schedule and my photographer looked at it and made a bunch of suggestions.  I have 3 schedules-one for me and my fiance, one for the bridal party and then one for vendors and the day of coordinator.  Even something like the timing of when you need your hair done and when you need your bouquet in hand-as opposed to when flowers are being used to decorate-may not sync with time alloted for taking those "getting ready" shots  and you'll have to adjust.  I feel ike my schedules are much more practical now that I've talked to the photographer. 
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    I have a rehearsal and a day of schedulethat iI can email u... Just let me know.
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    I am really lost in this area as well. I have it so spread out and then crammed before the ceremony is the arrival of the photographer. Can I get a template or something to help me get started?
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