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Wedding Wednesday

What are you lovelies working on this week? Get anything done last week?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

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    Our RSVP's are due next wednesday! So we will hopefully have a lot them coming back and figuring everything out! I also picked out my grooms cake that will be served at the rd!!!!! We will also start buying stuff for the centerpieces!
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    My mom's friend doing our silk flowers, decorations and centerpieces has been working on that stuff and is going to buy the last of the stuff for our centerpieces soon, so hopefully she'll be done with everything shortly. 

    I am officially at 45 days out so my hotel block was released as of this morning. Hopefully everyone booked rooms who needed one. And tonight is my first dress fitting. 

    We're waiting on only about 35-ish more people of our 151 person guest list to rsvp, so that's awesome. The deadline for that is coming up soon so hopefully the last few trickle in. Then I can do head counts and food choice counts for the baker and venue as well as seating charts and place cards. 

    We still have a lot to buy and that's on my list for when I get paid this weekend. We need table number things, flower girl baskets, favors, our card "box", something for people to "throw" at us during the recessional, ties for our ushers, and probably a million more things I'm forgetting. 

    I'm planning to make final tweaks to our ceremony and send that to FI's cousin who is officiating. Also, we're planning to apply for our marriage license soon wince we've been eligible for that for a while now. 

    Otherwise right now is a lot of waiting for rsvp's to come in before we can finish up everything. I'm starting to finally get a bit anxious about it. I've been a cool cucumber so far for the last year and half, but now I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed but excited. 
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    I'm meeting with my florist tonight! She's supposed to do a sample centerpiece, which I'll take to my meeting with the venue person tomorrow. I'm trying to borrow the sample tablecloth and overlay from the linens lady so I can see a table all put together tomorrow when I go there. I'm kind of nervous to see if the florist gets what I'm saying or if she's going to make some random arrangement that is all wrong. She's really inexpensive and works out of her home, so it could go either way.

    I sent the Canadian invitations out yesterday. Canada Post is so damn slow, people probably won't get them until the middle of next week. I'm just hoping we get the rsvp's back without a problem. We are getting about 1 American rsvp every other day, which is driving me crazy. One of FI's friends told us on Saturday, "I won't know if I can come to your wedding until a couple of days before because of work." I wanted to say, "So we'll put you down as a 'no' then?"  :)

    Also, we found out that FI's employer is not willing to hold his job while we wait for his work authorization. He has to quit when he moves here at the end of May, then reapply if they happen to have a job available. BUT if they don't hire him back, he is eligible to collect Canadian Unemployment Insurance for up to 36 weeks. Not our first choice, but it's not the disaster we first thought it was.

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    Same as last week, hoping to get the last few invites out (still need addresses from FI), still need FI to print out the programs so I can fold them, and I still need FI to pick some music so I can get the must play and do not play list to the DJ.

    I see a trend here, I think my FI is lazy.....
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    I've started working with my MUA and hairdresser on the day of timeline. We are getting some RSVPs in daily and my shower is this Saturday! I also finished up most of the gifts this week. I feel like I'm in a little bit of a lull but that's ok because things are going to pick up soon! 
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    Tried starting my DIY bouquets last night...didn't work very well so I have to keep trying. I get so aggravated so easily.

    My dress fitting got postponed.
    I have my hair trial Friday- possible makeup trial Friday too.
    Saturday, I work then maybe going to see the woman who is putting our centerpieces together.

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    I made significant process on the centerpieces and I'm very nearly done with them. I could have finished them on Monday night, but I was feeling under the weather and elected to watch 6 episodes of Parks and Rec instead.

    I took advantage of the weather this weekend and spray painted some frames for signage that I bought from a local knottie, spray painted our table number frames, and painted some wood for other signage.

    RSVPs are rolling in every day. I went out Saturday night and got a headband for my hair trial at the end of the month. Next weekend I need to make my veil, but I need to go shopping in my mom's sewing room first for a few supplies.

    My fiance made some calls this week to check on what we need to bring to the courthouse to apply for our license, and to double check on the day the groomsmen need to pick up the tuxes. Good thing I had him call, because we were under the impression they were supposed to be picked up on Friday, but they're actually going to be ready on Thursday.

    I also did a preliminary draft of the seating chart yesterday afternoon, and I only wanted to throw my computer out the window like three times, so I think it went well.

    We had a meeting on Sunday night with our officiant (a.k.a. made a phone call to my aunt), and she drew up a timeline for the ceremony and asked us a number of questions regarding the ceremony itself. It went so well, and I'm so excited that she's going to be doing our ceremony.
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    I need to go pick up my cake topper from the post office... and that's about it for this week. Might find something else to do, like buy dishes for the candy, as well as bags to put it in.
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    I had my hair trial on Saturday, which went really well. I love how it turned out because I'm basically wearing my hair in the style I normally do (my hair is short) so I will look like me. And the placement of my headband and veil has a really unique vintage look. I'm really happy with it. 

    I placed the order for our cake last Thursday and finalized the design. It's really simple and traditional; 3 tiers, white on white buttercream with simple swoop and scroll work and there will be fresh ivory roses between each layer with our Snow White cake topper on top. Flavors are; Chocolate cake with Chocolate pudding custard for the top two tiers and the bottom tier is Cuban cake (yellow sponge cake soaked in French brandy) with Strawberry cream filling. Yum!

    I also ordered shoes from Macy's online and they came in on Monday. They actually fit and work perfect so I'm really happy to have that figured out. I don't wear heels regularly anymore so I was really surprised how painful it was just trying them on, so I resorted to the realization that I just can't wear them anymore. Besides, I really wanted to be comfortable on my wedding day, be able to stand, walk, and dance without pain. I still needed a bit of a heel to keep my dress at the right length and my posture graceful, so no flats. Here is a link if anyone wants to see them:

    Other then that I've been receiving rsvps since sending out invites on the 1st. So far I've gotten about 12 out of 53.

    I've also been registry stalking while waiting on my showers which are scheduled for May 4th and 11th.

    Yesterday I started browsing Etsy to find a jewelry gift for my MOH and cuff links for FI.

    Next up I will be ordering our Ketubah and the Linens. Plus purchasing our wedding insurance policy... anyone else doing this? Wed Safe or Markel? Would love to know what others are choosing.

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    Hey June Brides:

    Such a great weekend for me-- I had my first dress fitting on Friday and I am officially obsessed with my dress!  It was so beautiful and the bust came out perfect (changed the sweetheart to more of a scoop neck).  It pretty much just needed the basic alterations--taken in on the sides and hemmed.  My bustle will be super simple too.  I have my final fitting in 3 weeks!  Cannot wait. 

    The wrong veil was ordered, which very possibly was our fault but the place was so understanding and let us exchange it for a different veil.  And when the one we picked was cheaper they even credited the difference to the alterations, so that was nice.  They have to order the veil in so I have a new one, but they gave me the one in store so I could borrow it for my hair trial next week!  Very happy with the salon and the whole experience.

    I had my bridal shower on Sunday too!!  So fun, but a bit overwhelming having all the attention on you.  Everyone came that we expected and I was happy to see so many people from my past I did not think would come, actually did--so it was very, very nice.  My FI grandmother, 2 aunts and cousin even drove down for the shower (4 hour drive one way) so it was extra special to have both families represented and a chance for them to meet my family and friends.   

    Super proud too because I got all my thank yous sent yesterday :) And it was fun re-opening gifts and showing my FI.  Bummed we can't use it yet, lol.

    RSVPs have been coming in daily, so its fun when my mom calls me with the updates.  So far no unexpected declines, so that is always nice. 

    This week, I am getting my hair done on Saturday--super needed.  I have never had to color my hair--totally natural, but turning 30 this year my hair has been growing in darker and then turning its natural color!  I've used highlight enhancers or blonde leave in conditioners. but never altered the color...  So for the first time in 30 years I am getting some color in my hair and am a little nervous.  She promises me she will match it to my natural color, but still nervous!   My actually hair trial will be next week as well.

    Saturday after my hair appt. I am also meeting up with my mom to meet our florist and confirm the flowers (we have only been able to talk with the girl from afar).  And hopefully we will nail down the rehearsal dinner location.  My FMIL cannot come this weekend, but gave us the freedom to choose whatever and just book it.  I still want to just narrow it down to two or three places and let her have the final decision since she is hosting it.

    Tomorrow is my 50 day mark and there is just something wedding related every weekend it seems, so I know the next 7 weeks will just fly by Smile

    Happy Planning!


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