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Happy Administrative Professionals day!

To all my fellow administrative assistants- have a great day! Hope your bosses do something nice for you! 

I've been here 6 years and have not gotten acknowledged once on this day...or any day for a job well done, for that matter.  

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Re: Happy Administrative Professionals day!

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    Happy administrative professionals day to you! I actually convinced our Director to give our admin assistant the day off today. She's been here 27 years and has never been acknowledged on this day and she is seriously our backbone. Hopefully it doesn't take your boss another 21 years to realize how amazing you are!
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    OMG, where did you get the actual footage of my boss!? lol

    Last week, she laid off everyone except those of us who would qualify for unemployment. I'd go into a long rant about that, but I'm too busy doing the work of 3 people and getting paid straight time for everything over 40 hours.


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    OMG , that is horrible :(
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