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Wedding Wednesday

What's up? What'd ya'll get down this past week and what's on this week's docket?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

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    I think I found a hair stylist! My old one wasn't happy that I got rid of her, but ya know what? I wasn't happy that she canceled on me twice.

    I plan on writing out my shower thank you cards tonight- and getting  some craft stuff done tonight.
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    I finalized some details with our caterer, picked up some lipstick for my hair & makeup trial on Saturday, and talked to our DJ about renting a lapel mic for our ceremony. I've also been working on my birdcage veil, and today I'm working on some little odds and ends since I'm working from home and don't have much actual work to do.
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    This past weekeend I had my shower.  Invites are sent as of Monday, the blessings of a small shower.  I'm working on changing my seating chart since one of MoHs will no longer be attending my wedding and trying not to have a heart attack because of that.
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    This past week if filled out some paper work with all the addresses of the places I want to get pictures taken for my photographer. I also Asked Fi's aunt if me and my girls could get ready in her apartment (its an addition to her house for Fi's grandmother and grandfather to live in when they can't live on their own)

    Today is the day our RSVP's are due! We are still waiting on 42 RSVP's to come back. So I am getting nervous! So this weekend I am planning on contacting the people I don't get RVP's back from and and Starting to revamp the seating chart! So we will see how it turns out. Then we can finally start getting all the stuff we need for centerpieces! Cool
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    I made all our table number thingies the other night. They came out way cute for someone who is crafting impaired.
    FI mentioned going to get our marriage license soon, so we might go do that Friday! 
    He also said he'd be happy to type out all the place cards on the typewriter at his work since it's already set to the size.
    I'm hoping by the end of the week to gie my sytlist and MUA numbers for how many people want hair and make up done the day of. 
    We have our final meeting with our DJ next weekend, so we new to seriously finalize music choices. We've gotten most of it nailed down, we mostly just need to figure out ceremony music. 
    I've been in communication with FI's cousin about our ceremony and sent him the one I wrote. Just waiting to here back from him with the changes and tweaks he said he was going to make. 
    Our rsvp deadline is one week from today, so hopefully we get the last handful we're waiting on so we can start doing our seating chart and I can have FI do the place cards. 
    My mom's florist friend also, by the looks of it, finished up our bouquets and boutineers last night. Hopefully so she'll get through the decoration and centerpieces she's putting together for us too. 

    Annnnd, I think that's it for now. 
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    I've done nothing wedding related except fight with my mother since last Wednesday.
    This week, I really need to get going on placecards and finish the centerpieces. There's some other paperwork stuff too-- schedule final appointment, talk to ceremony musician/give him sheet music, etc.

    :) I'll be busy I suppose.
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    Oh, oh, oh! My shower is Saturday!!!!!!!
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    We got a lot done this past weekend: 
    • picked up our wedding bands
    • had our engagement shoot
    • had my makeup trial
    • had my 1st dress fitting
    • finalized our order with the florist
    • had a site visit for a B&B that we are considering for the rehearsal dinner and/or night before
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    We haven't done too much lately, a few smaller details. Last night we had dinner with FI's aunt and uncle to ask her to do a reading, which she said yes! We had our engagement pictures taken on Sunday, which came out pretty good, we are very much looking forward to working with our photographer at the wedding. We are going to a free dance lesson tonight, hopefully that won't be too bad. Tomorrow I am finishing up the invitations with my mom so we can mail them this weekend. Saturday, we have a detail meeting at our venue to decide just about everything for the wedding. We have a lot of decisions to make before that meeting, not looking forward to that. We have a lot of meetings to set up for the next month. Trying to keep this process as stress free as possible! 
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    The bridal shower invitations have been sent out now. What I am planning on doing next is setting up the wedding program.
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    pretty productive week-- I got my hair done on Saturday (not the trial yet, but I finally gave in after 30 years and did a little color).  She did great for she just color matched my natural color and it looks awesome!

    We scoped out some rehearsal dinner locations and narrowed it down to two--FMIL is going to check them out this weekend and she will decide since she is hosting.

    We had our "first" meeting with the florist on Saturday.  We had only talked on the phone previosuly, but she brought everything to life so I cannot wait to see the actual final products.  I was never a fan of calla lillies, but she showed me Picasso Calla Lillies (they are purple and white) and they were gorgeous, so now I am a fan!  Relived to see she just knows what she is doing so that was easy!

    Sunday I caught up on shopping for the little details--have stuff to make our programs; bought the ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket; and my set of glassware was said to be discontinued from Khols, but when I was in the store on Sunday they had one set left so they sold it to me at 20% off, plus it was already on sale--score!

    We are meeting with our reverend on Sunday;  Other than that we are trying to figure out wedding party gifts.  I know what I am getting my mom and I thought I knew what I was getting my dad, but decided to change his "wedding gift" to his birthday gift (2 weeks after wedding), so now I need a new wedding gift.  We have no ideas for FMIL.  I have bracelets for my bridal party, but I know that is not there only gift-- I am looking for individual stuff and am just not finding anything I want to give them as a gift!  I found something for FSIL so she is done.  The others are the type girls that just have everything, so I can't decide.  It will come to me, I just have to look.  My flower girl and ring bearer are known, just have to actually buy.  My FI has no idea for the guys either.   

    we still just have to get our marriage licence--my duh moment came on Saturday when I had totally thought our wedding venue was in sacramento county, but when I was talking to the florist she mentioned we were in Placer county!  I'm sure I would have figured it out, but i'm glad I know before hand for that would have sucked to be at the wrong place!

    finally, we need to sort out FI's wedding band.  His grandfather just passed away in October and he really wants his Grandfathers ring.  His step-grandmother was all about it but since we do not have it it's making us nervous that we should a have back up in case she does not want to part with it.  We will understand if she doesn't want to give it anymore, but we would just like to know one way or another. 

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    This past week we:
    Finished our marriage counseling
    Got our marriage license
    Finished paying for the venue, rentals, and photog
    Picked the menu for the rehearsal
    Sent the rehearsal invites

    This next week we:
    Have our church shower Saturday

    Can I schedule in sleep and call it wedding related?  LOL
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    Not as much going on this week, surprisingly. And even more surprisingly: I'm not so stressed about it! We are sending out invites on Monday since we'll be at the eight week mark. We picked out hymns and Bible passages for our ceremony and will discuss those with our pastor on the 4th. Then it's on to setting up final meetings and doing detailed DIY projects.
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    I finished our card box! It looks better in real life, and now has a bow on it. (It's not as wrinkled and bunched in real life.)

    I got my hanger from an etsy seller!

    I got to see our sweetheart table linens and our guest table linens with the gold candle holders. (The guest tables will be bigger.)

    I also made our faux mercury glass bowls for flower centerpieces. I don't have a good after picture, but here's a good "during" picture.

    This Sunday, I am meeting with the baker to sign the contract. I'm going to start organizing my wedding stuff with inventory packing lists so I can check things off when it's time to take them!

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