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Happy Friday

Anyone have off from work today? I'm impatiently waiting for my post testing assignments because as soon as we are done, we can get out of here.

What's everyone's holiday plans this week and weekend?

Nothing special tonight, and Saturday FIand I have some running around and cleaning to do because we are having people over for the fantasy baseball draft. We also have a venue meeting as well. For Easter, we are spending the morning/day with my parents, then we are going to his brother's house for dinner. Should hopefully be low key.
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Re: Happy Friday

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    I'm off today!

    No plans for us. Just to sit around and relax all weekend, hopefully not spend any money, haha. Next week is my birthday and my shower, so we'll be busy and are trying to get some down time in before then.
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    Not off work today (but I wish I was) :(

    We'll be having lunch with FILs Saturday to try out the beef at the rehearsal dinner venue.  Then FI and I are off to a local soccer game.  He loves soccer and it's one of the few sports I enjoy watching but it's been years since I've been to a professional soccer game and this one is outdoor as opposed to indoor.  Sunday I'm volunteering at the museum and hopefully getting the invites finished up.
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